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Reshaping the Model: Lessons Learned from the Boys’ Club (Soft Cover)



Product Description

Reshaping the model is a must read for women (and men as well) who want to speed-forward their paths towards their next professional pinnacles. Frances shares insightful stories regarding her experience as a WomanPreneur and a former spokesperson for Fortune 500 companies in Puerto Rico and the United States.

“Every CEO – or simply anyone leading an organization – has to read ‘Reshaping the Model’. The book provides crucial guidance to promote a culture of inclusion and accelerated revenue growth for women. Ms. Ríos’ insights and strategies to recruit, promote and retain the best female talent in organizations are spot on.” Carmen Castillo, President and CEO, SDI International Corp.  

“Want to make it in a man’s world?  Frances Rios offers valuable life lessons learned to be successful in a male-dominated world.  Plus, she offers valuable tools to self-reflect on your aspirations – and how you are going to get there.  I highly recommend this book!” Kristin Arnold, President, Quality Process Consultants, Inc.

“When the word restructure processes and organizational structures to strengthen  the bottom line of our business, is crucial that organizations start by reshaping the model of their executive levels and board of directors to be gender balanced.  That is key to  have a better understanding of what female customers want and need.  This is why Frances’ book Reshaping the Model should be read by CEO’s and human resources professionals in order to empower women and accelerate business results.” Rafael del Valle, CPA, Partner, UHY Del Valle & Nieves, PSC

“Savvy business leaders know that one of the competitive advantages of every company is to promote a culture of women inclusion to accelerate economic results!  With Frances’ step-by-step guide to reshape the corporate top tier model, women and men get the how to’s to reach their next professional pinnacle and create game changing cultures.” Juan Bauzá, President True Value Puerto Rico and Former President of the Chamber of Commerce of PR

“Every woman who wants to build a business or speed-forward her career towards the corporate pinnacle and beyond, must read Reshaping the Model.  Its practical step-by-step guides are crucial to help one visualize the path and actions needed to reach the top.” Dr. Edna Vazquez Bonnet, President Bonnet Insurance Brokerage Corp., Co-Founder of SHRM Puerto Rico


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