The W Report – The Power of the Female Consumer



Product Description

This study was created by Frances Rios Enterprises and Lopito, Ileana & Howie. It is based on three methodologies in which 1,074 women were surveyed in order to gather statistical and valuable insights that would lead to a better reformulation of female-targeted advertising in our society.

The first approach was conducting an island-wide statistically representative study (Puerto Rico) interviewing 800 women using the census distribution as a parameter. These interviews were conducted through telephone calls, using closed ended questions to facilitate responses.

The second methodology used an online survey targeting a Women Who Lead™ database. A total of 274 women responded to open and close- ended online questions in order to obtain valuable insights and tendencies.

The third and last was based on 12 face-to-face interviews.

Results from the methodologies are similar, allowing us to compare and differentiate responses and perceptions.

Further research was conducted by gathering secondary party data in order trends, drive conclusions, and make recommendations.

This distribution is compared to the Women Who Lead™ group demographic profile.

This profile is skewed more towards women 36-55 years old, in top managerial positions (either executive, CEO or entrepreneur). This group has a keener perspective on the subject since they have shown interest in Women Who Lead™ by being part of its database. Therefore, this group will be used to contrast the statistical data. For identification purposes, it will be referred to as WWLG (Women Who Lead Group).


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