Empowering your leadership with these essential tools helps to streamline systems so
organizational growth and competitive practices can be put on the fast track.



Exclusive for companies that want to accelerate financial results  while promoting women inclusion.

This diagnostic tool publicly recognizes companies that take notice of how women inclusion needs to be Logo W 2016 Certified Companyaddressed in the business strategies for better outcome. It spotlights the level of women inclusion within organizations, then formulates the specific strategies and solutions necessary to ensure this demographic rises to its full potential in terms of talent and contributions.

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The C Index™ tool allows companies to:
• Measure losses caused by ineffective employee communication,
• Visualize how messages navigate through the organization regarding speed and clarity,
• Discover how internal communication practices could be hindering company decision-making processes.

Frances Ríos will save you money, prevent costly errors, inspire your team to be productive and innovative—and help you sleep soundly!



screen-shot-2016-10-17-at-7-06-01-pmIn order to accelerate business results, Frances found crucial to create a communications model in order to focus everyone on a common goal and create positive messages that resonate, inside and outside the company, that will lead to better engage people, knowledgeable to make better and faster decisions.

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Let’s create a special package for your:

• High potential female talent,
• Senior male executives who want to promote women inclusion,
• Leadership members who are ready to go to the next pinnacle.

A FEMALE COACH to guide women leaders through those familiar, and unfamiliar challenges, roadblocks and hurdles. Because there is such a proven difference between men and women in their road to the pinnacle, most female executives feel that a like-minded female coach, understands best their professional and personal needs than a male coach.

Damaris C. Sánchez, is an awarded expert on talent management who excelled as a top executive of Fortune companies such as: Citibank, N.A., Warner Lambert, and GlaxoSmithKline.

The former top executive from international companies, leads other female executives to navigate the unique needs and challenges they face and help them grow exponentially.

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Positioning your company as a women’s advocate is easy when you reach out to the experts. Companies looking for better financial results recognize that promoting a gender balanced workforce results in better ROI.

Based on our proprietary information gathered through the W Certified Company™, W Report™, and Women Who Lead Summit™, we can support your company: 

  • Develop women’s inclusion internal network programs,
  • Coach group development programs,
  • Offer Leadership training focused on awareness of conscious and unconscious biases,
  • Introduce proactive efforts to reduce employment practices liabilities,
  • Identify key performance indicators (KPI) to monitor and measure success,
  • Create special vendor fairs to attract women-owned companies and balance the vendor score card,
  • Execute communication programs to promote awareness of your company’s efforts and investments in women’s development to internal audiences and media outlets.

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